Building Back Strength Workshop @ Gibson Aug ’17 (Full Video)



Doing the right back exercises accelerates recovery and improves strength.  Always start with good posture and flexibility, then go for it.  These 3+ exercise starts you off in the right direction.

Here are the highlight from this workshop (approx. time):

♦Finding center of gravity (1:30)

♦Arm placement for good posture (7:00)

♦#1 exercise: wall squat (10:00) –here’s the detailed video

♦Neck position with a pillow (15:20)

♦Proper sitting posture (18:10)

♦#2 exercise: walking with proper posture/balance (20:00) –the detailed video

♦#3 exercise: chair squat (36:00)-the detailed video

♦Standing squat (43:10)-the detailed video

♦Dr. Tony’s wrap up

Being able to perform these exercise in the proper posture keeps your spine healthy by reducing pressure in your spinal joints.  Thereby, keeping normal spinal motion to reduce neuropathy and stop arthritis.

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

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