Steps to Getting Up from the Floor Workshop @ Pacifica Senior Living June ’16

Dr. Ratkovic explains how to get up from the floor.  #1 rule if/when we fall unexpectedly is NOT TO PANIC!

To avoid pain/injury and prevent falling, use these specific exercises to build muscle & balance. Also practice getting up from the floor.

Audio/Video from Dr. Ratkovic workshop @ Pacifica Senior Living who want to maintain or regain their independence.

See Herman’s video: The Steps to Getting Up from the Floor. 

Here are the highlights (minute):

♦Don’t panic (3)

♦The steps to getting up and muscles used (4)

♦Strengthening your lower body (8)

Upper body strength training (13)

♦Starting a simple routine (15)

♦Joint motion effect brain stimulation and balance (15)

♦Dr. Tony’s wrap up (15:30)

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