Forward Head Posture: Causes and Fix. Short Clip with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Neck, shoulder, upper back pain from no where?

People don’t know that sitting for long periods of time where you feel comfortable (in a slouched position) can lead to these problems.

This can cause your posture (how you look) and your spine (bone alignment) to adapt to a slouched position, then your stuck.

Working through this can start with this stretch:

Upper Trapezius Stretch

Then use this checklist when you sit to help your posture improve:

Sitting Posture Checklist

And go this Full Video of this workshop @Gibson Sept. ’17 to see all the exercises:

Upper Back, Poor Posture Recovery Workshop. Step by step.

Give yourself time by routine practicing this, so your posture improves and any problems of pain can reduce.

Not feeling better yet?  Not sure why?

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