Fixing Poor Posture: Start These Exercises Today to Feel Good. @Gibson June ’22. Crooked Spine Show

As a chiropractor for almost 20 years, the #1 reason people experience neck, back, hip, shoulder pain is poor posture. In our current year of 2022, more people are sitting long hours for work and driving long distances. When unchecked this lead to a hunched posture standing or sitting making the body tighter and weaker. In this workshop we help the live audience, watchers and listeners understand how to check their posture; then how to stretch and strengthen to improve and keep good posture while sitting and standing.

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Here is the workshop outline–

Causes of poor posture. How a hunched posture can make you feel. The goal of corrective movement: improve your body’s balance of flexion and extension muscles.

Proper Sitting: Front edge, knees below hips, feet back.

Proper Standing: Standing against a wall with heels, hips, shoulders and head against the wall.

Start with stretching:

1. Pillow

2.Low Back Roll

3. Broomstick

4.Modified Seated Lunge Proper Standing/Walking. Checking position; on your heels/head up.

And a couple strength exercises:

1.3 Shoulders

2.Kick Back (Standing OR on hands and knees)

3.Superman (Lying flat OR on hands and knees)