Fix Chronic Pain by Rick Olderman’s “The Fixing You” Method. Crooked Spine Show

My guest today is well known Orthopedic Physical Therapist Rick Olderman. With over 25 years of experience, he has learned how to resolve pain in almost any joint or muscle in the body. And most importantly he can teach it to his patients, peers and the community. He is a published author of Fixing You, book series (link on Amazon below). Along with his talks and podcast is looking to show people how to live completely pain-free without the need for medication.

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Todays show topics–

(3:40) Rick’s background; why he created his unique assessment and treatment methods.

(6:00) Try Rick’s assessment to find and fix your back pain; standing and lying down.

(14:00) Importance of keeping your body fixed by having good habits.

(18:10) Fixing compensation patterns for chronic sciatica and back pain; Changing your withdrawl reflex.

(24:40) Why chronic pain is NOT a disease; changing one’s mindset to give hope.

(29:50) Why pain is a healthy signal from your body.

(35:50) Rick’s books are titled, “Fixing You.” Why? And how these books can help you.

(41:50) The fixing you method gets repeatable results fixing chronic pain. Taught and used by other clinicians.

(49:00) Rick has proven to me his passion to help people get well.