Finding your Health Coach w/ Guest LeAnn Smith of Vibrant Life Source. Crooked Spine Show

The Right Wellness Coach can save Time and $. How do you find the right one? Our guest today is LeAnn of Vibrant Life Source. She is a successful one stop shop wellness coach (Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Health & Nutrition Coach). What should you expect from a coach; what mindset should you have as they help you reach your health goals, and more? Checkout the show to get advice from our pro guest.

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(11:10) How your mindset hurts you before getting a coach.

(12:20) Best work when client fires a coach.

15:50) Is your coach patient with timeline for improvement?

(19:30) First job as a coach. Listen.

(27:00) Are checkups with your coach helpful?

(29:00)interviewing for the right coach for you.

(39:20) How Vibrant Life Source works.

(42:45) Mindset of clients starting coaching.

(46:20) Finding a client’s WHY to get stay healthy.

(51:00) Why so social for coaches.