Finding Your Beauty with Age. @Brookdale June ’19. Crooked Spine Show. Upland Claremont Cucamonga

Every generation has common struggles.  Aging beautifully does NOT have to be one of them.  This podcast if filled with suggestions from local seniors -how to feel and look young and beautiful.  Listen in.

Here is the full video.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:00) Does media portray or market genuine beauty?

(3:30) How/why company use beauty to sell products.

(6:45) Do you look beautiful/healthy this way?

(9:00) You flaws ARE beautiful.

(10:30) There is beauty in simplicity.

(12:40) Exercise keeps you looking/feeling good.

(17:30) O.L.D. is an attitude; correlates to medication use.

(24:10) How friendship and socialization helps.

(27:30) Hydration, sun exposure can help.

(31:15) Plastic surgery -keeps you beautiful?

(32:45) Effect of alcohol, smoking.

(50:10) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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