CSP 079: Finding the Right Physical Therapist. Guest Henry of ASB Therapy. Crooked Spine Show

You think physical therapy (PT) will help you? Don’t know where to go? Henry is the owner/operator of Advanced Sports and Body Therapy (ASB Therapy) in Claremont, CA. From his many years experience as a therapist, musician, and martial artist he gives you the mindset and other tools needed by your therapist and you to be successful improve your body.

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(3:40) HowHenry’s musician and martial arts background helps him..

(12;30) Mind over matter. Is it real?

(16:00) “I don’t know” shows you care.

(20:10) Virtual therapy. Is it work? How?

(27:00) Henry critiques shoulder therapy steps.

(40:30) With Covid, staying healthy by slowing down.

(48:30) Doing what you love for home rehab.

(1:00:00) Importance of elasticity/flexibility.

(1:02:00) Getting your therapy in YOUR home.

(1:09:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.