Finding the Right Chiropractor Care Combined with Lifestyle Changes for Improved Health. Dr.Tony on the BODcast Show w/ Alli, Chris

Dr. Tony helps explains when and how chiropractic can be part of your health team. He explains importance of spinal health to improve your physical health; to allow you to handle the stress of your day. With his patients Dr. Tony integrates home exercises with chiropractic treatment to help people understand the importance of routine exercise of part of their physical and mental well-being. His goal with patients does not stop at pain-relief; patients are encouraged to build strength to KNOW their body is healed to stay strong for their day. Watch this interview to learn how chiropractic can help you live a better quality of life.

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(3:45) How to integrate chiropractic care to improve your overall health?

(7:00) Common injuries to see a chiropractor; and steps taken for proper treatment.

(8:40) How poor posture (standing or sitting) causes muscle pain; what is the fix?

(13:30) Why Dr. Tony became a chiropractor.

(16:50) The first adjustment’s four common reactions.

(18:00) Can chiropractic help scoliosis; or a herniated disc?

(21:40) Do all chiropractic perform adjustments? What?!

(30:00) Dr. Tony’s secret to getting a job before your graduate for healthcare career.

(36:00) How does decompression treatment and inversion table work.

(40:40) Can see Dr. Tony? This is how he can still help you improve and stay healthy.