Finding an Excellent Physical Therapists. Follow these Qualities Dr. Joel Kim has with Experience and Patient Care.

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My patients’ experiences are so different from different physical therapy treatment centers (much like chiropractic). Joel Kim is a Doctor of Physical Therapy in San Marino, CA and has an excellent reputation in his community. Let’s pick Dr. Kim’s brain to see how we can make our next physical therapy treatment a good one. Dr. Kim explains his assessments (which I think are phenomenal) and different treatments that he communicates well with his patients. Watch and Listen.

How Highlights: 

*What is the difference between a PT and a DPT

*Where did you get (and keep) the passion to help people?

*Let’s go through the different treatments you help patients with: —Expert Manual Therapy —Functional Manual Therapy —Craniosacral Therapy —and more.

*Walk us through your initial patient assessment.

*Why is movement assessment so important.

*Within your profession, why is the art of touch and communication so important.

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