Feet, Ankle, Leg, Hip Exercises for Balance and Strength. Gibson Oct. ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

Want to help keep your body relaxed and pain-free? Your lower body holds your body weight when standing.  Performing specific exercises for your feet legs and hips in different positions can improve your circulation, flexibility and strength to tolerate the stress of your daily lives.  Listen to the podcast, watch the video then exercise to keep yourself strong and relaxed.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:20) How to stretch your feet.

(13:10) Lower leg stretch.

(16:00) Ankle motion stretch for balance.

(20:15) Feet stretch when sitting.

(25:10) Hip stretching (seated and standing) for sciatica, ITB band.

(33:20) Fibromyalgia: what is it?

(35:00) How moving to improve strength, stop pain.

(38:05) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Pain and arthritis comes from two things: weak muscles, stiff joints.  Avoid this by performing daily exercises to help your body stay strong and relaxed.  These lower body exercises are a good start.  Add upper body exercises to have a full-body experience.

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