Exercises and More to Stay Healthy, Now.Dr. Tony on the Above Everyday Podcast w/ host Lisette Gonzales

Looking to get healthier in February 2021? Even during this Pandemic? Here are simple tips how to prepare yourself, what to expect and specific exercise to reboot your health in 2021. Also, suffering from eye fatigue; or poor posture? Yup! Here are the solutions for that too.

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(2:30) The One thing to start getting healthy, now.

(3:20) How your body feels stress.

(5:15) Finding your routine will be uncomfortable.

(10:10) Your starting stretches:

Upper Trap Exercise- https://youtu.be/llg3kow10ao
Sitting Checklist- https://youtu.be/sLibIryczU4
Walking Posture- https://youtu.be/PprtqaWBuuk

(16:15) Tips for runners.

(19:30) How stretching helps your posture.

Hip Flexor Stretch- https://youtu.be/7XQpaRs2Da0

(21:30) Best way to avoid injury/pain; my steps.

(23:00) Benefits of using a foam roller (properly).

(25:10) Keep kids healthy during distance learning.

(29:00) Fighting eye fatigue.

(31:20) Best way to handle our stress during Covid, now.

(33:00) Takeaways from today’s talk.