Exercise/Nutrition to Relax & Regain Health @Foothill Family Shelter (part 2)

Part 2 of my visit to here was a workshop to understand the importance of lowering stress to the body by proper moving, breathing and eating.  You will not feel good at your body changes from your present normal.  Only after a few months, sticking to good habits, you will feel and look better.

Part 1:Using Mentors. Goal Setting. -Talk with Parents and Couples

Highlights (podcast times)

Lower stress by increasing movement.  Upper trap stretch video (6:50).

Broomstick stretch video (8:50).

Correct breathing to relax (14:50).

Relax your back with hamstring stretch video (16:50).

Getting healthy; feeling good not required (28:20).

#1 way to improve your health: eat better (31.20).

Help yourself by logging your foods (33.20).

Hydrate to health (39.40).

How to control your appetite (44:20).

Why sodas are addictive; cause diabetes (49:20).

Milk benefits? Meal prep. Reading Labels (54:10).

Foods can help/hurt your stress (58.40).

Starting with part 1, use resources such as mentors/videos to help you form habits to get better life results. When your tested to keep your habits, keeping a routine exercise program and eating helps relax your body and mind to stay motivated.  Be consistent and your life can improve.

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