Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: April 2017

Welcome to Spring of 2017!  Hope your ready for sunny days.

For our consistent newsletter readers, we hope the videos and articles keep you motivated to stay healthy.

For our new readers, we educate our patients that want to learn why and how to start and keep healthy habits.

Here are the health articles, talks covered in February 2017 and this month’s events:

Why Carina is Healthy Again

A Chiropractic x-ray analysis and posture exercises can keep you healthy to counter the stress of work, home, etc.  Carina’s quick recovery is an example of this.  Watch why.

“They treat you like family.”-Lawrence

Lawrence had excruciating back pain from years from heavy labor.   Watch his story of recovery.

Helping Interns become Professionals

Our interns are amazing.  Students develop their skills as a caring, successful healthcare professional.  Learn more on our post.

Victor, “I owe my recovery and wellness to them.”

“Euclid Chiropractic has given me the knowledge and treatment to help me at…read the full story.

A Healthy Upper Trapezius prevents Surgery

This muscles connects from the neck to the shoulder to the upper back.  The post has 2 exercises and the steps to each.  Watch now.

Leg Pain Gone-Michelle’s Story

Michelle didn’t want to have back surgery or take medication. Chiropractic was her only option.  Watch her story of recovery.

 Best Upper Back Exercise for Poor Posture

The One Arm Row exercise helps strengthen the major muscles of the upper back to help improve poor posture.  Here are the detailed steps of the exercise.

A Couple tells their Story of Back/Spine/Disc Recovery

Paul likes the treatment for his low back discs problems; Olivia (who is deaf) can sleep now and not take medications for back pain.  Watch their story here.

Here are less than a minute clips from our Workshops:

Part 1: Nerves Connecting Joints to the Brain

Part 2: Chemicals connecting Brain to the Adrenals

Part 3: Hormones connecting Adrenals to the Whole Body

April Events:

25th: Gibson Center: “Simple Low Back Exercises” Location: Gibson Senior Center  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786 RSVP optional:  909-981-4581    Time: 12:30-1:15

19th: In-Office workshop: “How Your Nervous System Keeps you Healthy” 6:30-7PM.  RSVP encouraged.  Handouts included.

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