Erasing the Fear of Seeing a Chiropractor. Naomi, ESQ. of Gonzalez Law Firm questions with Dr. Tony

All of us have fears that can limit our ability to try different treatments. Can we help people experience an improved quality of life by seeing a chiropractor by erasing the anxieties (false fears)? This interview with Naomi Gonzalez, a local attorney, will help her clients/future chiropractic patients enjoy the health benefits of chiropractic adjustments.  Checkout the show.

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In this interview, Naomi wants answers to these top anxiety-causing questions:

(2:30) What happens during the adjustment.

(3:30) Are their risks if the patient cannot relax?

(4:50) Is the adjustment painful?

(5:45) Do you feel better right away from the adjustment? How long does it last?

(7:00) What body parts do chiropractors treat?

(8:00) Besides adjustments what other treatments/services do chiropractors perform?

(10:20) Can chiropractors prescribe medications?