Back Disc and Health Recovery-Efrain’s Case

In Efrain’s testimonial, he speaks of his initial injury when he fell off a cliff.  This lead the surgeons to fuse his ankle to leg instead of loosing his foot.

In this video, Dr. Ratkovic speaks about his recovery physically and his success as a banker.  Unfortunately, Efrain needed to compensate because of his injury short term.  Long term, his body’s compensatory movement caused a spinal disc problem and constant falls.

efrain-pre-x-rayImage 1: Dr. Ratkovic explains (and so does Efrain in his testimonial) how his x-ray analysis is the reason why he was having so much pain.  The vertical line in the image is where the spine should bend back toward.

efrain-post-x-rayImage 2: This second image is Efrain’s follow up x-ray a few months later.  See how his low back spine is behind the vertical line.  This is where the spine is a better normal.  Because of Chiropractic adjustments and posture/balance exercises, Efrain pain had mostly resolved and his quality of life had dramatically improved.

Overall, Efrain’s physical improvement (lack of pain, better balance) is due to the x-ray improvement through adjustments and exercises.  Knowing what is inside the body (x-ray analysis) is sometimes more important that treating the symptoms only (pain with medication).

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

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