Dr. Tony’s Monthly Newsletter from Euclid Chiropractic: December ’18

The Full Newsletter in Video

How did your body hold up with your Black Friday shopping marathon?

Or your hours of sitting, lying down for Cyber Monday?

Let’s stay strong and healthy for the rest of the holidays by applying these health tips from November’s exercise, talks, patient review videos and more.

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Short Clips playlist

  1. How to start shoulder pain recovery 

  2. Office wait times explained 

  3. Sound Healing. Crystal Singing Bowl 

  4. Retrain Proper Walking. Help your Back 

  5. How to get from stressed to relaxed, strong 

  6. Posture: setup and checklist 

  7. Breathing-better meditation, exercise 

Posture Exercises playlist

  1. Back pain relief exercise 

Adjustment demonstrated

  1. Sam’s surprised first adjustment 

Testimonials/Reviews playlist

  1. Back pain relief. Paul & Jessica 

  2. Neck Pain, Headache help. Mark’s st0ry

  3. Scared then Relief & More Energy. Angelica

  4. Neck Pain Relief, Happier.  Helping Melissa

Interview playlist

  1. Crystal therapy, Chakra balance and more.  Bridget

Dr. Tony’s workshops (full videos)

  1. Proper Walking for balance, posture, strength @ Brookdale

  2. Back Exercises for strength, posture, balance @ Gibson

  3. Going from pain, stressed to strong, relaxed @Euclid Chiropractic

Podcast playlist

  1. Shoulder recovery exercises @Gibson Aug ’18

  2. CSP 034: Finding the right doctor for you. W/ Brianna

  3. How nerves affect strength and stress

  4. CSP 035: Lower stress, improve health. W. Michelle

No events/workshops in December

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