CSP 002: Your Eyes: Detect and Solve Health & Eye Issues/Stress. Interview w/ Dr. Bob, Optometrist.


I had interviewed Dr. Bob a few months ago about his understanding of a patient’s whole health.  Dr. Robert Rothbard, is an optometrist practicing locally for over 33 years.  As a healthy 61 year old, Dr. Bob continuously educates himself and mentors others about personal development and optometry.  Dr. Bob’s social media dominates his local market and educates the public with his fascinating videos.

Dr. Bob and myself discuss many topics.  The ones that stand out pertinent to this podcast are: vision development through movement, stress reduces your visual periphery, specific eye glasses for specific distance, and your body’s health can be visualized through your eyes.

Links to Dr. Bob’s info.:

RanchoEyeDoctor.com had Dr. Bob’s office info. and description of his office.  

♦Follow and connect Dr. Bob on Facebook, YouTube, and Linkedin.

Highlights from Show (minute):

◊Eye glasses based on screen (laptop, phone, etc.) distance (13)

◊Stress equal to duration on screen (15)

◊Increase stress lowers your periphery vision (18)

◊Solution for motion sickness (20)

◊Problems with eye alignment causes scoliosis (24)

◊Why medications cause headaches (27)

◊An eye sty from bacteria infection/low immune system (31)

Body’s health visualized through eyes (32,38)

◊Book recommendations for personal development (43)

◊Dr. Tony’s wrap up (48)

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