Do Vitamins Work? Tara Perrin uses Testing, etc. to Help you Understand your Supplemental Needs. Crooked Spine Show

The simplest building blocks of the human body are minerals and vitamins to help us grow, fight off infection/disease, and keep us healthy. But are we getting enough in our foods; how do we know? Let’s ask this expert Tarra Perrin, a fully-certified health and nutrition coaching professional. She has implemented her knowledge in her own lifestyle and wants to help you understand the benefits, especially when wanting to ramp up your health.

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(3:00) Tara’s experience as an athlete and her knowledge.

(4:20) Where to start? Specific lab testing and what it is for.

(7:30) When lifestyle/change in activity requires change in supplementation.

(8:40) Why our body requires minerals and vitamins.

(9:00) When to retest our labs.

(11:50) Why the American diet isn’t enough.

(15:30) How to get enough omega-3 fatty acids (good oils).

(17:40) Being proactive to stay healthy.

(27:00) Shifting your mindset from meds to supplements to get and stay well.

(28:40) Mediation: what type works for you to stay healthy.

(34:40) Knowing when your stressed.

(36:40) Tara’s takeaways.