Destiny’s Review of her Internship at Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Having our staff be professional and caring for you is our expectation.  What is yours?

Students seeking to become a healthcare professional requires difficult science classes and limited social time.  Introvert, quiet personalities can usually focus to do the study time to accelerate in these classes.

Here is the problem:

Students are scared or lack confidence to talk to people.

Most students do not look beyond their next set of classes.  This can lead to a lack of experience by avoiding working or internships.  They either loose or don’t develop beside manner.

This is why I speak to students regularly pushing this need to get out of the classroom.  Then intern at a professional private office, such as mine.

Here is one of my talks:

A Better Medical Experience

Destiny here tells what she has learned BEYOND the front and back office skills to develop her “care” personality as an aspiring healthcare professional.

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