CSP 023: Physical Training. How Derek of LPE Helps You Get Better with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Life Performance Enhancement (LPE) is an evolution in assessing, training, rehabilitation of the human body.  Derek is an expert based on his certifications, experience and results.  As a college baseball player, coach and now training athletes, Derek understands the mindset needed to help people improve their physical ability.  Listen to the podcast and learn how to work out efficiently and risk-free.

Contact and connect w/ LPE & Derek:
(626) 224-1838


1318 Monte Vista Suite 8
Upland, CA

Highlights (podcast times):

Derek’s unique physical assessment, his story (2:00).

Helping an athlete’s mindset (7:10).

Shoulder: How to evaluate and recover (11:00).

Athlete’s performance declines-why? (14:10).

Getting your kids checked as they grow (15:40).

Should your athlete work through an injury? (19:00).

Teenager to adult training (22:10).

This unique training program (28:00).

LPE’s full life training-for life (30:00).

The golf academy (34:10).

Dr. Tony’s wrap (38:30).

Derek and LPE science-based unique assessment can help your child, adults and seniors to improve physical health.  For athletes, you are getting a person who has been there. Derek understands that a person’s performance is through the body, mind, and nutrition.  As a family man and Christian, LPE will give you an honest path to get you or your child to a better state of health-for life.

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