CSP 004: Martial Arts for Overall Health. Interview with Jeremy, owner of California Black Belt Academy



Jeremy has dreamt of owning a martial arts studio since 13 years old. He has grown this studio the last 6 years by building up the self-confidence and physical ability of the members from 4 years old to adults for more confidence in daily life.

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Highlights from the show (time for podcast):

♦At 13 y/o, Jeremy wanted to open a martial arts studio (1:50).

♦Training with kids; a 14 y/o commits suicide (5:00).

♦ Making martial arts way of life for self-confidence (6:50).

♦Learning life skills; seeing results at home/school (8:50).

♦Why girls train-chemistry/hormone balance (10:30).

♦Living by example (11:50).

♦Guilty by association (13:00).

♦Match chat-sharing struggles (15:00).

♦Paying it forward (16:20).

♦Life skills going on-line (17:45).

♦Dr. Tony’s wrap up (18:45).

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