CSP 014: Water for Health and Hydration with Aldrin and Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Water is essential for life.  The quality of water can effect our ability to stay healthy, or recover from sickness.  Aldrin explains what can lower the quality of your water even when we pay a high price for it.  And how to get free water that keeps you healthy.

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Highlights (podcast times):

Bottled water regulation (3:00).

Contaminants (4:40).

Are grocery store bottles bad? And the fix (6:55).

What is quality water (12:30).

Ways to detox with water (17:10).

Why you need water when taking medications (20:20).

Being sick: are you toxic or deficient? (24:40).

Water helps inflammatory diseases; bad foods &drinks (27:40).

Starting simple (33:10).

Getting free water (38:10).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (38:55).

The bottle of water or flask you drink from (although Cool) can actually make your water toxic.   Ironically, sometimes tap water can be a better quality.  Keeping hydrated to help your body recover health when sick or taking medication should be part of your prescription.  And contact Aldrin for your FREE water to see if you can improve your health.

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