CSP 073: Helping Patients Heal by Education First. Guest Dr. Mehr of Foothill Family Chiropractic. Crooked Spine Show

Can Chiropractic get and keep you healthy? Dr. Mehr practices in La Verne, and focuses on educating his patients.  Through his unique exam and phases of care and treatment, Dr. Mehr teaches his patients to be proactive in their healthcare.  Learn how Chiropractic works DIFFERENTLY than medicine to heal your body naturally.

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(4:00) Dr. Mehr’s risky start in La Verne.

(5:30) Understand different of D.C. vs M.D.

(11:10) Better to go to the ER or chiropractic office for pain?

(13:10) Finding the route cause of your problem.

(20:20) Getting your optimal health through chiropractic and laser therapy.

(22:50) Dr. Mehr’s 3 phases of treatment to HEAL the body.

(26:50) Dr. Mehr’s helping this profession at the local and state level.

(32:20) How he saves patients from back surgery.

(34:50) The difference of Dr. Mehr’s exam.

(37:00) How chiropractic can get more mainstream.

(40:40) Are chiropractors neurologists? orthopedists? therapists?

(45:50) How Dr. Mehr confidence in chiropractic helps him teach and mentor.

(50:35) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.