CSP 055: Building Trust in Your Business -by Caring & Educating. Interview w/ Amy, Dr. Bob, Dr. Tony. Crooked Spine Show

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There are certain characteristics successful professionals should have; Dr. Bob and Amy have them. This interview show examples of their continuous education of their patients/clients.  Then caring for people through their different professions.  Listen in.

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Highlights (podcast times):

(1:45) Dr. Bob’s backstory, and current focus.

(6:30) Amy’s dry eyes story.

(16:20) How can optometry help gamers?

(20:00) Treating people with kindness -always.

(21:50) Dr. Bob’s book explained.

(25:00) Helping Keratoconus.

(27:30) Dr. Bob’s office stories (saving lives, helping headaches).

(32;30) Example of not caring about patients.

(36:00). Amy’s daughter help with scoliosis.

(40:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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