CSP 048 : Measure to get Results. Marly & Candace w/ BodyMetRx | Crooked Spine Show

Can measuring how you workout, breathing and heart rate help you lose weight, gain muscle and feel good? BodyMetRx proves it can.  Their system and coaches find your unique ranges where you spend less time training and dieting to reach your goals.  Listen in.

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BodymetRx: https://bodymetrx.com/

(909) 801-0035

Highlights (podcast times):

(4: 25) Measure your breathing to burn fat.

(7:10) How eating less makes you gain weight.

(12:50) What carbohydrates should you eat.

(19:10) What are good proteins; how much?

(25:30) How long to workout to burn fat.

(37:40) How does medical nutritional therapy help medication users.

(43:55) The different coaches at BodyMetRx that can help you.

((49:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

This talk explains how to get the nutrition and training you need to look and feel good.  Once you find your numbers then you can spend less time in the gym and on your diet to get your results.

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