CSP 047: Can a Secondary Disability Policy Help you Save $ and Heal? Interview w/ Nick Paez | Crooked Spine Show

Anyone else frustrated how much it costs to have and use your health insurance? It seems to be going up every year, for no real reason.  And if you can’t work, then who pays your monthly expenses? You can’t change how much your paying, but this interview may help save you money next time you need to use it.  Also, protect your income if you can’t work from a few days to months.

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Highlights (podcast times):

(2:10) How a secondary insurance policy helps you.

(4:25) Why, now, your health insurance is more expensive.

(9:40) Helping you and your family.

(13:45) Q/A -how to pick a policy for you.

(19:40) Why these policies help businesses and families.

(23:25) Summary of how this policy can help you.

(24:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Can you pay a little for insurance that covers you if you get injured, or you cannot work? Even with health insurance, we may still have a high copay and it does NOT cover your personal expenses.  Make sure you and your family are covered so you have time to get better and protect your family.

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