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Are you looking to improve your physical health?  The training at Cable Crossfit might be your answer.  This facility in Upland has a standard of friendly members and trainers.  However, their training program is no joke.  They will push you through your comfort zone (safely) with other members.  Then enjoying a healthy, relaxed life becomes your norm.

Contact and connect with Cable Crossfit:


1320 N Benson Ave
Upland, California

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:30) Why Narcie and friends started Cable Crossfit.

(3:30) Helping law enforcement officers.

(7:40) Training with the same goals for different people.

(9:20) Why it’s a great place for women.

(11:00) This training prevents injury.

(14:30) Helping to get through your physical comfort zone.

(16:50) Is crossfit a cult or a culture?

(19:15) How cable crossfit has grown through personal referrals.

(22:40) A new client’s assessment.

(25:45) Benefit in life & activities.

(31:00) How these clients become a family.

(33:00) Trying cable crossfit; becoming a healthier person.

This interview with Narcie shows his genuine desire to help people enjoy physical health.  He and other founders have started a culture at Cable Crossfit that has grown from within to generally help people.  When you show up to Cable Crossfit you can expect to be welcomed, then pushed to improve your health.

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