CSP 031: Reducing Stress. Prepare for an Auto Accident now. LIVE with Taylor Fennell on Crooked Spine Show

If you drive a car throughout your life there is a good chance you will be in an accident.  Are you prepared? Taylor Fennel specializes in personal injury cases, has the experience to walk you through the proper steps.  Then Using Mr. Fennel to receive the correct medical care and reimbursements can return you and your vehicle to its original parts, so you can relax.

Contact and Connect with Taylor Fennel, Personal Injury Attorney
at Law Offices of Tanya L. Willis:

545 N. Mountain Ave, Suite 210
Upland, CA 91786

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:00) Taylor’s story of becoming an attorney.

(7:00) Finding a attorney right for you BEFORE you need one.

(10:30) How to interview an attorney.

(14:00) An attorney’s experience with insurance adjusters helps.

(18:10) Your case is #2; your life is #1.

(20:50) When you DON’T need an attorney.

(25:15) Steps to take after an accident (see card).

(37:00) Bonus: seek a medical exam.

(42:15) Returning to pre-injury activities.

Taylor’s steps protect you legally when you are in an accident.  This can reduce your stress.  And before an accident having a attorney (and doctor) to call right after an accident can remove any anxiety to help you fully recover after an accident.

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