CSP 029: Ultrasound Testing-Detecting Health Conditions by early Screening. w/ Christy Jones on the Crooked Spine Show

Can we predict a heart attack,stroke, or other emergency conditions?  Not yet.  However, this testing can give you the best clue if there is a risk.  The Sonoscape X5 is the latest in ultrasound imaging that your medical doctor will not recommend and health insurance will NOT pay for until you have a condition.  Your are still in charge of your health.  Early detection through a diagnostic ultrasound can prevent a life changing event.  Listen or watch and learn how.

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Highlights (podcast times):

To prevent life-threatening medical emergencies (2:10).

ABI testing-do you have early Diabetes (4:25).

Ultrasound for fatty liver testing/prediabetes (6:25).

Why your medical doctor won’t recommend this (8:00).

Use an ultrasound to get medical treatment (11:10).

For early digestive & anxiety conditions (14:10).

Why Aflac (maybe other secondary insurances) may cover testing (18:40).

This machine & technician is more effective; immediate results (22:10).

The science behind this ultrasound testing (28:00).

This testing to know how to get healthier (28:50).

Get tested at this next event (30:00).

Your child being test-why (33:10).

Dr. Tony’s wrap (36:00).

It is up to you (not your doctor) to understand the value of early detection.  Using this ultrasound image, blood work and other out of pocket tests for $100 on average can save you thousands in surgeries and avoid sudden death.  Then ruling in our out health conditions can help you live a simple, healthy life.

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