CSP 026: Dr. Anthony Ratkovic -Health & Wellness Talk | Celina Celeste Show

In this episode the tables are turned.  Celina Celeste interviews me.  We start with the mindset, education, and work needed to get healthier; and toxic choices that will make you sick.  Celina asks what’s the craziest thing I have seen in practice and how a busy person gets healthier.  Lastly, my best recommendation to get started on a road to a healthier you.

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Highlights (podcast times):

Why I became a chiropractor (3:00).

How can people get healthier (9:00).

Being accountable for your health (12:20).

Taking your first steps to health (13:15). Here is the video clip.

First find the knowledge, then take action (17:30).

My biggest don’ts when getting healthy; prepping for an physical event (20:40).

Craziest things I’ve seen (29:50).

Need to test yourself (33:30).

Q/A-Does chiropractic help fibromyalgia? (37:00).

How a busy person can get healthy (42:45).

My last, best recommendation to get healthier (49:30).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (51:00).

Where ever your health state is, I give recommendations to start getting healthy. Celeste interview questions were great for her listeners to see how I practice and teach my patients to get and stay healthy.  With medical care out of pocket costs equalling private natural care, now you have a choice.  Chiropractic can be a service for you to reduce pain, then learn habits to get stronger and healthier to tolerate the stress and relax of everyday life.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.

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