CSP 021 : Fight Sexual Harassment. With Jessica and Upland Claremont Chiropractor

Sexual harassment is a problem. Jessica gives real life skills how to protect yourself. This talk helps prepare women/girls to avoid/defend themselves through taking a self-defense class, learning the attitude and skills. Oh, watch the exciting demonstrations at the end.

Contact and connect with Jessica,

Power of One Martial Arts Upland:


1721 W 11th St

Upland, California 91786

 (909) 706-7389

Highlights (podcast times):

Take the 1st step (2:30).

Build confidence for self-defense (4:55).

Why women/girls need this (7:10).

Jessica’s story. As a youth to now (8:25).

Kids. Build self-esteem, confidence (11:40).

Parent’s feedback (15:10).

The benefits for all ages (16:25).

Consistency to improve your skills, health (19:10).

Classes: what they cover (22:30).

Demonstration on Jeremy (24:55).

Dr. Tony wrap up (30:05).

Jessica teaches women/girls to build the attitude to shut down any chance of altercation.  Then taking classes at ____ can improve your ability to take down any physical attack.  Enjoy a FREE class to see if this is can help you feel healthy and confident.

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