CSP 015: Nutrition Talk with Daniela and Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Learn to eat better and/or takes supplements, and why.  Daniel is a certified nutrition coach that understands the science.  Testing your blood (if desired) tells you what vitamins and minerals you may be deficient or toxic, then you can use supplements or detox your digestive system.  Short term this can help cure lifestyle conditions like Type 2 Diabetes (like her husband).  Long term, it has been proven to prevent cancers.  Listen now.

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Highlights (times for podcast):

Why food is your medicine and how to monitor it (5:00).

Test your blood to know if your body is deficient or toxic (6:50).

Can eating well now prevent cancer (8:40).

Nutrition/supplements after antibiotics/during medicine use (15:50).

Reasons for supplementation for you (17:00).

Weight loss by meal prep (21:30).

Using the blood type diet to detox your body (25:15).

EPIGENETICS: fight health conditions by your habits (28:50).  See video clip.

Science-based supplementation (32:15).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (36:25).

Like Daniela, you can learn to be your own health advisor.  Today the knowledge is freely accessible to understand how to eat well, what supplements to take and why.  You have public access to blood testing to monitor your own body.  Through technology we know that your lifestyle (eating well, exercising, etc.) is more important than your parent’s genetics to get and stay healthy.  So use the information or find health experts to guide you.

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