CSP 013: Group/H.I.T. Training with UplandFitBody owner, Chris with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Group training allows you to start exercising at your present health state.  At Upland & West Covina Fit Body Chris and other trainers use H.I.T. training to help you improve your physical health.  And working with others with the same goals, gets you fit to help tolerate the stress of everyday life.

Contact and Connect with Chris:

Upland: 909-569-9544



Highlights (times during podcast):

You start at your health state (3:35).

How is H.I.T. training different (4:50).

Health benefits of consistent workouts (7:50).

What to expect (9:30).

Joy/comradery of group training (11:20) –short clip.

Clients example of results (13:20).

The “fountain of youth” (14:50).

Oh Mondays! (17:05).

Working person’s class schedule (18:20).

Ongoing 3 day trial (19:35).

Why clients comeback (20:40).

Your healthcare cost savings by training (24:35).

Dr. Tony wrap up (26:00).

Group training gets to start at your pace, gain motivation, then keep this healthy habit to look and feel good.  Upland and West Covina Fit Body’s H.I.T. training pushes you to get your results in about 45 minutes per workout.  Then avoiding sickness and medication is a possibility.

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