CSP 010: Crunch Fitness manager Brian Interview: Making Fitness Easy, then a Habit. With Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Physical fitness is part of staying healthy.  Where you workout may effect your motivation to “just do it.”  When a club or gym keeps business costs down and pass their savings to their members, this can help build that habit.  Crunch fitness does this and promotes their philosophy/hashtag is NO JUDGEMENT.  Find out who they are with my interview with Brian, the general manager.

Contact and connect with Brian at Crunch Fitness, Upland:


380 S Mountain Ave

Upland, California

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Show Highlights

Lower club overhead costs drives member savings (2:50).

Showing respect to members builds trust (4:50).

#nojudgement (5:30).

12-year-olds benefit (6:35).

Teenagers use/benefit (10:50).

Habit training through classes (14:10).

Create training habits with time/ a buddy (18:50).

Use a club for rehab with your nurse/aid (21:40).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (24:15).

In today’s economy paying for a fitness club seems like the last place to spend money.  This episode helps you understand the easy way to form good physical fitness habits at a low cost.  Crunch Fitness’s manager Brian explains their concept of passing on their savings to their members to build trust and grow their membership.  Then you enjoy the benefits of tolerating your daily stress and staying healthy by staying at the gym.

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