CSP 009: Helping Children with Stress. Interview with Norina Murphy, LCSW by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

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Stress is a common mood that can effect a child’s physical and mental health.  Knowing where to get help and why is the first start in help a child’s quality of health and life improve.  Norina Murphy is a license clinical mental health therapist.  She has worked full time with children since 2011. She opens up on this show to help parents (and children) understand the need and benefits of child/teenage therapy.  Norina also give a stress solutions for children/teenagers and their parents. 

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(909) 815-9841

600 N Mountain Ave, Ste B106

Upland, California



Show highlights:

Is a child ready for therapy? Removing the stigma (3:10).

Finding the right therapist (5:30).

What is beyond normal child behavior? (6:45).

Is my teenager behaving normally? (8:00).

Parent involvement in therapy (11:25).

Helping a child with ADHD (13:35).

If/when medication is appropriate through a psychiatrist (14:50).

Nutrition/hydration effects on a stress health state (17:25).

Benefits of exercise to remove stress (19:35).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (23:30).

Norina’s discussion should help parent ease the stress of child/teenage therapy by know there are many levels of therapy before medication and long-term treatment.  Speaking with a therapist like Norina early can help you know your child is ok, and/or give you and your child solutions to reduce the causes of stress.

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