CSP 005: Find the Right Massage Therapist for You with Ross Lockwood



Ross is owner of Back to Work, an On-Site Massage company.  He sets up massage therapists for business and corporate event in over forty cities in the U.S. 

Ross has 15 years as an experienced massage therapist, and chooses other therapists that reflect the company’s excellence.  In this interview Ross helps find one for you. 

Links to Back to Work:

(909) 988-8653

Website, Facebook PageYELP, Yellow Pages

8872 19th St
Ste 115
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701

Here are the highlights (minute):

♦Ross’s big break (4:15)

♦How Ross picks good massage therapists (6:30)

♦Helping clients change to healthy habits (8:30)-here’s the clip.

♦Motion’s effect on mood, self-confidence (11:00)

♦Client’s story: from disability to life recovery (12:30)

♦Patients building better habits (18:45)

♦Helping Employee’s start getting healthy (22:45)

♦Results of massage (26:00)

♦Help with Fibromyalgia (27:40)

♦Listening/reading a client (30:00)

♦Making your massage personal (31:00)

♦A national company (36:45)

♦Ross’s system to find the right massage therapist for clients (39:45)

♦Dr. Tony’s wrap

♦Podcast listeners: thank you for listening to another recording on The Crooked Spine Show.

♦Contact and connect with us:

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Each person is at a unique state of health.

Helping Change your Health from the Inside Out. 

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