Concussions & Neck Injury Neuropathies: Test & Recovery w/ Josh’s Story



When suffering a neck trauma (accident, fall, or sports injury), a person can feel a short duration of pain and concussion symptoms that leaves in a few days.  This can hide any underlying injury to the neck spine.  A proper x-ray analysis can save you from long-term, sometimes permanent injury.

This healthy cervical (neck) has 3 things to make it normal: a 35 degree curve behind the body, normally wide disc spaces between the bones that have similar spacing and a nice smooth curve.  This allow to spine to flex and bend naturally, even under small amounts of load during physical exercise or work.

Here is a neck after a sports injury or accident:

Because the spine bends beyond its normal motion in a trauma, this causes the ligaments and muscles around the spine to strain and tear.  Some pain can occur and leave in a few days.  This will causing the spine to become rigid through scar tissue formation, loosing normal spinal motion.  Long-term the lack of motion can narrow the disc spaces causing neuropathy without another injury.

The MOST IMPORTANT part of a post-injury neck x-ray is the inability to handle a SECOND injury.  This type of neck has lost flexibility, so now the spinal discs will need to stretch and swell to cause motion.  This leads to pinching of nerves, neuropathies and concussion symptoms MORE SEVERE than the first injury.  Unlike the first injury, these symptoms stay with the person days/weeks after.

The TREATMENT and RECOVERY starts with receiving a proper x-rays analysis after the FIRST injury.  This can either rule out spinal conditions and/or seek immediate treatment.

If you watched or listened to this video, then you heard Josh’s story of recovery after several neck injuries as a wrestler and martial arts competitor.  Here is a photo his mom sent me from a martial arts competition.  Unfortunately, Josh is on the bottom:

Treatment not only relieved Josh’s neuropathy, but allowed him to get stronger and more flexible to handle his competitions.  Now, Josh can feel healthy and compete at a higher level knowing Chiropractic care is his “insurance policy” if/when he gets injured.

Each person is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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