Choosing Your Foods WISELY for a Healthy Body & Mind. @Gibson April ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Are your food choices important? Yes! Today’s workshop helps your understand the types of foods and its function, which help with stress (instead of feed stress), importance of reading labels, the effects of food on mental health and more detailed in the outline below.

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The Basics: Understanding the difference between Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats

What are your BETTER choices for you? 

Don’t forget the fiber. 

Burning Calories; how to be efficient. 

Hydration for food absorption, digestion and getting it out the OTHER end. 

Checking the label.

Stress: Fight OR feed stress (inflammation) with your foods. 

Energy: What are good and your food choices?

Sugar and Salt:  Are they Evil? 

Supplements: Do you need them? 

Eating to lose weight