Chiropractic Restores Spinal Joint Motion, Restores Overall Health (Video) (1/13)

In the first article, we explained how normal spinal joint motion allows proprioceptic nerves to signal the brain to produce serotonin an keep the body in homeostasis (Understanding Homeostasis)

In the second article, limited spinal joint motion fires nociceptic nerves (pain nerves) to signal the brain to produce stress hormones and the sympathetic response (Wikipedia – Fight or Flight Response).  Short-term this can lead to anxiety, high blood pressure and increased heart rate.  Long-term, nociceptors lead to chronic health condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and a lowered immune system.

“The science is clear, lack of motion degenerates joints and causes decreased proprioception and increased nociception” (The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm. Chestnut. 2011. pg 224).

The goal of Chiropractic is to restore normal spinal joint motion and reverse the imbalance of hormones to increase proprioception and decrease nociception.  This will return the body to homeostasis.

There are many joint that make up the spine.  If limited motion is sustained,degenerative/arthritic changes can occur causing a constant stress (sometimes pain) to the spine and constant elevated stress hormones.

Chiropractic philosophy (and the wellness paradigm) believes the body is self-healing, self-regulating and addresses the cause of illness.  Theprevailing Medical belief system says drugs and surgery are required to reduce symptoms of inevitable illness.

Chiropractic checkups allow degenerative changes not to occur and give guidance in exercise and nutrition. This allows You can keep you spine moving and maintain your health.

Euclid Chiropractic Clinic is your Whole Body health center.

We help patients restore HEALTH by proper nutrition, routine exercise and maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Enjoy better health from the inside out.


The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm. Chestnut. 2011. pp224-229.

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