Learning to Care in Healthcare @ Career Day, Upland HS. Oct. ’17.

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When I speak to students I want to build their confidence to work hard toward a career/vocation. I also explain the characteristics and experience needed if they choose a healthcare career. Then patients can trust that their doctors will be competent and care.

Show highlights:

Can you care (1:50).

School work: only gets harder (3:35).

Why internships now help later (10:05).

Malpractice cost relative to your degree (11:30).

Look NOW to work in healthcare (13:50).

Looking a step ahead to work backwards (17:20).

Walk the walk if you going to give health advice (18:20). –Video Clip.

Q/A: “How does Chiropractic work? (19:50). –Video clip.

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (21:30).

This talks gives students early warning of the work ethic needed to get into and stay in future schooling, and then start a healthcare career.  Gaining experience now through internships and volunteering gives these students early training that will give them confidence to succeed in helping patients.

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

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