Care Back into HealthCare. @9th Innovative Conference Outreach with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

I shared my knowledge and experience and secrets I continue to learn as a life-long student, chiropractor and business owner to build trust with my patients.  Then (as a result) enjoy a busy practice where interns can experience and learn.

The event organizer:

Highlights (podcast times):

Finding your mentors. Benefits (5:20).

Form habits (20:30).

Reach your results. These steps (25:20).

Volunteering benefits (30:50).

Continue learning to build YOU (36:50).

Why Millennials will win (43:20).

How I care for patients; and teach interns (44:50).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (52:00).

Having others around you who have been successful in what you want to do can be your motivation.  These are your mentors.  Volunteering or interning to learn their knowledge can accelerate your success in that field of study or work.  It takes the learning and application to make something your craft.  Then sharing it with others to “pay it forward” becomes your next success.

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