Better Posture: Steps & Exercises to Improve Sitting, Standing & Walking. @Gibson Sept. ’22.

As a chiropractor for over 20 years and seeing thousands of patients, the primary cause of neck pain, back pain, and hip pain is Improper Posture. This workshop will help you understand the sources of poor posture; the correct sitting, standing and walking position; and a few exercises so you keep your better posture. Use this workshop and the related links to build endurance to sit, stand and walk for long periods.

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When does posture cause your pain?

When most of your day is Sitting, check this. Sitting checklist.

Does your job require standing and/or walking?

Standing to Walking checklist.

Build these muscles to sit, stand better.

-Erector Spinae Muscles (Wall Deadlift Exercise)

-Glutes (Kick Back Exercise -2)

Core (Plank Exercise with modifications-4)

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