Best Back Exercises for Pain Relief and a Better Life. @ Gibson Oct. ’19. #crookedspineshow

How do I fix my back? New Patients ask this hundreds of times a year to their doctors. With chiropractic we choose not to medicate for pain relief; we adjust the spine to fix it. Then the pain stops.  But how do you keep it fixed? These exercises is this replay workshop with help build a routine to keep your back strong and flexible to stay healthy. Then you can handle the stress of your daily life and stay happy.

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(2:50) 1st check our posture.

(8:50) Back stretch on your stomach.

(12:50) Why you should start by working out with a trainer.

(16:00) Bridge exercise for a stronger back.

(19:00) How learning better posture/position changes your life.

(20:45) Squat exercise. These modifications for a stronger back.

(27:40) Chuck (guest) demos the squat for seniors.

(33:40) How flexibility helps you.