Balance Recovery. Talk @Gibson Jan. ’18 with Upland Claremont Chiropractor

We all want to avoid falling, unless your a stunt double. In this talk I give these active seniors my best exercise and ideas how to improve and keep their balance.  Anyone who have suffered a lower body injury or had surgery can use this to simple get themselves well.  Also, I give you the links to the specific exercises to see the details when practicing at home.  Enjoy.

Highlights (podcast times):

Balance test demonstrated (0:50).

Start with testing neck range of motion (5:50). Detailed exercise

Stretching your neck (10:50). Detailed exercise

Improving your ankles to help balance (15:00).

How to avoid atrophy/muscle weakness (18:55).

Testing your lower back motion (21:40). Detailed exercise

Vision is important for balance (28:40).

Building leg strength with lunges (31:50). Detailed exercise

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (36:10).

Keeping and recovering your balance can be a challenge.  And when you do these exercise routinely, you will avoid falls and injuries that can affect you and your family permanently.  Then adding more exercises feels good for the body and mind.


  1. Wall Standing Checklist

  2. Sitting Posture Checklist

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