Back to Basics Workshop with Denice. Daily Awareness of your Posture and Exercises to Stay Pain-Free. Crooked Spine Show

What are you missing? Even when we have a healthy exercise routine and join weekly classes by great instructors (like Denice) we can still experience pain at home or work.  Denice is a long-term teacher/trainer at the Gibson Center. She helps the Upland, CA community stay healthy through her weekly yoga and pilates classes. Today I guest to help give some insight how to stay healthy OUTSIDE of class. We spoke about posture, walking, consistency; including exercises to help.

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Highlights from this workshop–

(12:15) Best sitting posture- here is your checklist.

(15:00) Standing posture check using a wall.

(17:45) Walk THIS way to help your back/posture stay strong.

(25:15) For back strength, standing wall kick back.

(27:45) Relief knee pain with this seated exercise.

(28:45) Relieve hamstring tightness and improve back strength. Try this.

(29:30) Are your legs not even? This modified exercise to stretch your back and hips.

(31:45) Are your uneven hips causing back pain? A simple check.

(34:50) Checking your resting posture to avoid/relieve pain.

(36:45) Modified sitting hip & knee stretch.

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