Back on Track with Healthy Exercise & an Eating Routine after the Holidays @Gibson Jan. ’23. Crooked Spine Show

This being our first workshop for 2023, so we need to get or stay motivated to stay healthy this year (especially if you too a health vacation during the holidays. This talk will cover the basics to start, what to expect and how to SLOWLY change your routine (to make it your normal) to start the year off right.

Outline for the workshop:

If you think a standard method of measuring your health is weight, do you want to lose weight? Gain weight?

Today, where would you rate your health in

Activity/Exercise level (0 to 10) 

Your Eating Habits (0 to 10) 

For each, do you have a routine presently? Good or Bad. 

Is it important to you? 

If you want to improve your health, are you willing to be uncomfortable? For example, feeling hungry or being sore. 

Simple steps to improving your Eating routine

  1. For one week, log/track what you eat and drink, and know the average calorie count of each. 

  2. Is there one food/beverage that is high calorie that you can cut out and/or replace? 

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you hit your target weight. 

Steps to improve Exercise routine

  1. What do you like to do? 

  2. Can you increase “movement” 10 minutes a day for 6 days in a row? 

  3. Can you move while watching TV, going to the store, etc.

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