Back Exercises for Posture, Strength, Balance @Gibson Nov. ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

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Exercising (stretches and strength building) have many benefits besides looking good. When you have a stronger back, you keep your spine pain-free, and can tolerate the stress of your daily life. Here are exercises lying down, sitting, standing and walking to help you.

Highlights (podcast times):
(1:45) Why build an exercise routine.
(3:15) Don’t listen to your doctor.
(4:30) Start with stretching. Low Back Roll Stretch:
(13:15) Side sleeping position to relieve back pain:
(16:25) Stretch your back on your stomach:
(29:05) Proper sitting checklist:
(33:45) Benefits of breathing exercise.
(39:45) Standing Posture checklist:
(50:45) How far should you stretch?
(51:40) Strengthen legs/back w/ Wall Squat:
(58:15) Can you change your posture?
(59:45) Chair Squat for back strength:
(1:04:15) Exercises benefit long standing/sitting.
(1:06:25) How to walk normal with a walker.

(1:09:35) Dr. Tony’s wrap. 

Performing exercises by stretching first, then strengthen will help repair a painful back. Doing exercises ROUTINELY keeps you healthy. Then you can tolerate the stress of your day/night.

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