“Family life is easier.” -Alfredo & Vanessa’s Back Pain Recovery

Alfredo suffered neck and back pain as a wrestler in high school.  The combination of heavy lifting now with his profession made the pain cause anxiety for Alfredo.  Would his injury be permanent or require surgery.  He was recommended to Euclid Chiropractic to find if we could help.

During his exam and x-ray analysis, Alfredo understood his back condition and the treatments (Chiropractic, posture exercises, etc.) he needed to follow through with to get better.  Over weeks of treatment, Alfredo felt his daily habits change to help his healing process.

In addition to back and neck pain relief Alfredo felt his family life getting better.  His wife Vanessa has given birth to their daughter when he started care, and seeing his initial results, she was checked too for her hunchback posture and back pain.

Watch the video to see their results.

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