Adjusting Your Food Choices to Get and Stay Healthy. Guest Alicia Marie, founder of I Am Wellness. Crooked Spine Show

Why don’t we all eat at McDonalds everyday? It’s 2022 we know that long-term these type of cheap fast foods can make us feel and look unhealthy; and cause disease. Alicia Marie, NP, founder of ‘I Am Wellness’ health consulting. She will explain how she helps her clients learn to eat better to recover from chronic disease, look good, and eat to stay healthy.

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(4:10) Why Alicia found a passion in functional medicine.

(6:20) Customizing a food plan.

(8:00) How the SAD American Diet causes so many chronic diseases.

(11:40) This mindset will help you achieve your goals.

(13:00) The Benefits of a Coach/accountability partner.

(19:00) Food allergy vs. sensitivity.

(21:30) Is investing in your health justified?

(23:10) Balancing supplements with nutrient defense foods.

(25:15) Meal planning to prevent waste and over eating; when are meal prep program worth the cost?

(30:30) Get your Free Core Food Guide (see link above).

(33:00) Become your own Health Advocate.